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Starting September 1st, NPGlocal will be retiring the "long-term" maintenance rate.  The reason behind this change is to better support our clients by supporting more staff.  By promoting maintenance packages, we're looking to move clients towards a more consistent long-term relationship with us.  This allows us to plan future costs and resources better.

What's Changing

  • The maintenance rate (which is 20% off of our regular hourly rate) is being offered for the first 30 days after a web project goes live.  After 30 days, the rate returns to our normal hourly rate for all our various services – content, graphic, and web design.  If you would like to continue with a discounted rate, please consider our Maintenance Hours service.
  • Clients with maintenance contracts will have the priority level of their HelpDesk tickets automatically set to "urgent."  If you frequently need urgent service, please consider our Maintenance Hours service.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to continuing to help your small business grow.