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Kris LaGreca

16 year Expert in Digital Marketing.
Technology-to-English translator.
Business solutions inventor.
Web guru.

I work for a leading digital agency in the New York area.

Over my 16 year career in digital marketing, web design, and consulting, I’ve worked with multinational corporations, worldwide celebrities, and startups that have gone very very big.

As a side business, I can help YOU! I love working face-to-face with people. And I love working on all things web.

For a few select clients, I’m available for consulting services on an after-hours basis. Get all the experience and skills of a big agency, at a fraction of the cost. 

Working with Kris on the Kwan-Yin website (both the first and the second versions) from concept to finish and beyond to ongoing site maintenance has been great. Even though he lives on the other side of the country, I feel like he is fully present whenever I have a question or request and responds quickly. His design work on our recent site was enthusiastically approved by the 30 practitioners at our office! Joanna Present Wolfe, LAc, LLC

Acupunctursist, Kwan Yin Healing Arts